June 08, 2012

Adventures in Chair-Demo [the Crow Bar came out]

Remember the chairs I told you about here?

Well, last night while the hubby and I were sitting down, lounging, I decided to pull one over to see if I could get the suckers pulled apart to start the process of reupholstering them. I thought I had found fabric, but I am not quite sure it's what I want (especially since I shared brighter and more printed fabric with you before). But it was cute, and on sale, so I bought 3 yards.

It's a soft, pleather like material... and I like it, but I am afraid it's too brown again. I may keep it and use it for an ottoman or something, but I think I like my original idea of going with something BRIGHT.

But I don't want to spend too much money on upholstery fabric, and I couldn't find what I wanted in duck or canvas... I know this means I may have to make a trip into town to search through some fabric stores and not rely on Hobby Lobby or the dreaded JoAnns.

The husband had to get out major tools for this demo... and thus we have:

Obviously, the seat come off easily enough. A few screws and I was done. But the back had me perplexed. So the ever-so-patient (he really, really is) husband took over. I couldn't figure out how the back was staying on. Once he used the crow bar (I figured worse case scenario I could use duct tape and hot glue to fix whatever we broke), we realized how the chair was assembled.

Marcos said that we could recreate the back using the existing as a template and put it all back together the same way it was originally fabricated. And not for much effort or cost. Love to hear that.

But now that I have all of the fabric removed, and what's left is only metal...I  realized I could spray paint the metal to pop in some color. However, I am not sure what color to do and I know it depends on my fabric choice. But the wall behind the chair will either be white (board and batten) or beige...

Should I spray them with a yellow color, maybe match the fabric I intend to use? Or stick with neutrals: brown or cream?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.
[do you have a suggestion?!]

Don't you love a project in progress?!

Happy Friday, people!


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